Blood health


20 capsules


Ferfol is a complex dietary supplement that is particularly recommended for those with higher needs for iron. Bivalent iron, under the form of fumarate, is an essential mineral element for living organisms, being required for the synthesis of haemoglobin (the substance that gives the specific red colour to blood and that transports oxygen to tissues), as well as in the process of cell division and the normal functioning of the immune system. In this formula, the addition of vitamin C, folic acid and vitamin B12 amplifies the action of iron.


Corn starch (filler), ferrous fumarate, gelatine (capsule), L-ascorbic acid, talc (separating agent), magnesium stearate (lubricant), folic acid, cyanocobalamin.


As a dietary supplement, 1 capsule daily, preferably during meal.


Ingredients Quantity (mg/capsule) NRV (%) *
Iron 27 192,86%
Vitamin C 60 75%
Folic acid 0,42 210%
Vitamin B12 0,006 240%

* NRV - Nutrient Reference Value, according to EU Reg. 1169/2011.

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